Student Reflection

Two things that I have done well this year are my 3D visual for Language Arts and my book I made for Social Studies.
An area that I need to improve on are my famous birthdays for Language Arts.
My goals for the rest of the year are to do better with my homework, and to stop procastinating all the time.
My goals for becoming a better learner is to pay more attention in class and not talk or day dream.

Adult Response

Dear Alyanna,
In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:

I can help you reach your goals by:


Language Arts

Nick Jonas
Kevin Jonas
Alicia Keys

I think I did an okay job in my first famous birthday which was Nick Jonas. I got 24/40 on it because I never knew what to do yet. In my second one which was Kevin Jonas, I did a better job, but it could be alot better. I got 29/40 for it.. not the best mark. But it was still alright. For my third one I did, Alicia Keys. I got the same mark as my second mark. I still think I need to improve. I need to improve in my introduction and conclusion. I also need to improve my paragraph structures.


This picture will lead you to my "Outsiders Newsletter." We read a book, it was The Outsiders. The book was about hoodlums and it was back in the day. After it, we were assigned to make a newsletter on it. I had two copies of my newsletter, I had one that looked like it was from the old days and one that looked like it was made today. For my newsletter I got 65/65 from my partner that checked my newsletter. But what I got from Ms.Lee was 64/65. I lost one mark for my grammar, spelling and etc.


This is my 3D visual of my Hockey report. We had to make a report on any hockey player we would like. I chose Jacque Plante the creator of the hockey mask.. After we finished our hockey reports, we made 3D visuals. I made a hockey mask for my hockey player because he was the one that created the mask. You also have to put key points on your visual. For my visual my group game me 25/25. They gave me feedback with comments and told me somethings.
Karen - I like your goalie mask! Great Job!
Richard - Good job on the mask!
Alex - You did very well! Great Job!
Mark - Good job! You have much to learn young blue jay.
For my real mark, which was given my Ms.Lee.. I got 25/25. Her comment was "Excellent work, Alyanna. I'd love to use it as a sample next year (or a picture of it at least).


Parent Quiz

Question One Algebra Problem Solving


Question Two Probability


Question Three Pythagoras

Question Four Measures of Central Tendancy




1. Theoretical Probability - The ratio of favourable outcomes to the total possible outcomes.
It is what should happen.
2. Experimental Probability - Ratio of favourable outcomes to the number of experiments.

Measures of Central Tendency



Multiplive Inverse - From what I understand, there are 4 easy steps
to doing Multiplicative Inverse. First write the question using the division sign.
Step 2 Switch the answer (N) and the first integer and change the division sign
to a multiplication sign. Step 3 Find the answer to N. Then fill in the question.

Great Big Book Of Algebra



Social Studies

Cartoon - The Legend of Osiris

Personal History Timeline - Alyanna's Timeline

Postcard - Stonehenge

A Day in the Life.. Cro-Magnon

Jay, was the name of the younget Cro-Magnon alive. He is 19 years old. Jay is tall and intelligent. He made the first great art. Jay spoke a well developed language. He is the only one alive from his family. His father was killed by other Cro-magnons, and his mother was eaten alive by on animal bigger then two mammoths put together. But even though his, parents are gone other Cro-Magnons took care of him and so did his bestfriend Marjo. Since Jay had no family he lived in diverent environments near streams and rivers like all Cro-Magnons. Jay had a talent with killing animals. He is able to kill them while they are awake and walking. Jay kills animals for his food. And he uses they're skins for his clothing and to warm his house. Jay uses hand axes, arrows, chisels, scrapers and knives as tools for killing animals and for use of other things. In Jay's spare time he plats and listens to music. He likes to play the flute, rattles, and castanets. Jay also likes to listen to his bestfriend, Marjo whistle because he does not know how. Marho is a female Cro-Magnon. She is 21 years old and has been friends with Jay for almost 11 years now. They have been through everything together. Jay and Marjo have spent most of their lives together. That now that Jay is 21 and Marjo is 26. They have developed more and now have a baby Cro-Magnon.

Map of Egypt


Mummification Pamphlet


Canopic Jar


Photo Story - Ancient Egypt Food



Rome Powerpoint

Practical Arts




Two Minutes To Make A Difference

Pay it Forward
Two Minutes to Make a Difference Essay