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We started to read a book called The Outsiders in the middle of the school year. It was about hoodlums from back in the day that treated each other like family. Later on we had to write a newsletter about one of the events that happened in the book. I chose the part of the story where Dallas Winston got shot. I think I got a pretty good mark, but i think i could've done better, I just need to improve on my grammar and punctuation.

Hockey Player Report

Willie O'Ree was a famous hockey player for being the first black player to ever play in the NHL. He was born on October 15, 1935 in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Willie O'ree started skating when he was only 3 years old and started playing in a league when he was 5 years old. As he got older, Willie O'Ree played for a junior league team called the Kitchener-Waterloo Canucks in 1955-1956. Willie O'Ree also played for the Quebec Aces for $3500 in his earlier days in a minor league.

In January 18, 1958 Willie O'Ree started playing for the Boston Bruins from the NHL when he was only 22 years old. When he was playing his first few games he was getting a lot of racist remarks from the United States, because he was the only black player to play in the NHL and they were not used to it so they treated him differently, but his coach, Milt Schmidt said not to worry about it just go out and play, so that's what he did. Willie O'Ree played for 2 games in the NHL that year because he was only there because he had to replace an injured player, but he only played with one eye, because his right eye was 95% blind from being hit by a puck. After Willie O'Ree played in a minor league called the WHL ( Western Hockey League ) for 2 years, he had to play for the Boston Bruins again as a winger for 43 games in 1961, scoring four goals and 10 assists that year, It was said to be his best NHL season.

Willie O'Ree was really excited from how his career was going, but the next season the Boston Bruins traded him to the Montreal Canadiens, so Willie O'Ree wasn't really happy with the trade because he knew that he wasn't good enough to play with them and he wouldn't get a lot of playing time. After the trade Willie O'Ree played in the minor league for the Los Angelous Blades because he wasn't good enough to play with the Montreal Canadiens. Willie O'Ree went on and played with Los Angeles for six seasons getting a career high in goals with 38 during the 1964-65 before he was traded to the WHL's San Diego Gulls in the summer of 1967. Willie O'Ree played for the San Diego Gulls in a $ 17, 500 Salary. He played for seven seasons, averaging 9,000 to 10,000 San Diego Gull fans per game, and staying there for most of his career. In 1969 Willie O'Ree scored 39 goals at age 34 and won another scoring title.

In 1974 the WHL folded, so Willie O'Ree had to retire from the San Diego Gulls. Willie O'Ree liked it at San diego, because of the people, and its warm weather, so he decided to live and work there. In 1978 there was a new hockey team called San Diego Hawks, in a new league called the Pacific Hockey League. The San Diego Hawks invited Willie to join the hockey team at age 43, even though he was pretty old, he was still in good shape and he still wanted to play hockey, so he decided to play another hockey season for the San Diego Hawks. Amazingly, that year Willie O'Ree scored 50 points and only missed six games of the 70-game season, sadly, it was his last year of playing. After Willie O'Ree retired he got the Lester Patrick Award, and he was also in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame. The NHL also created an All-Star game for young hockey players and named it "The Willie O'Ree All-Star Game" in honor of Willie O'Ree. Suprisingly, it took another 25 years for another african american to make it to the NHL.

I think Willie O'Ree is a good role model because, he broke the rules and showed that black people are as good as all the other hockey players. He never gave up on his dream so, we shouldn't either.


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