Literacy with ICT Reflection

Two things that I have done well this year are kepping my reading responses good and ready now in these days I get like 5 and 4.5.
Two areas that I need to improve are my l.a stuff for my famous birthdays i am improving though
My goals for the rest of the year are keeping up to date in my workings
My goals for beocoming a better learner are trying to listen to the teahcer so i could work independently.
Adult Response
Dear, Carlo
In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:
I can help you reach your goals by:

Language Arts

The outsiders
Famous Birthdays
Josh_Peck.jpg 3 peice of famous birtdays piled on top of each other
Hockey sweater


Parent Quiz

Question 2


Question 3
Question 2 Measures of Central Tendency

Question 3 Algebra Problem Solving


Question 4 Pythagoras


Parent Information Heading 2

Measures of Central Tendency


Carlo's mmm

Mean Carlo 8-17
Arrange the data in ascending order
The sum of all data then divided it into the numbers in the data
With an outlier the mean is screwed up but not accurate

Put it in ascending order
Find the middle number
If there are 2 middle number add it then divide it by 2
Find an outlier in the middle it will be a great use

Arrange it in ascending order
Number that appears the most in a data
More than 1 mode
Can have no mode

Arrange it in ascending order
Subtract the largest to the smallestAnd can have an outlier in the beginning or at the end to make a producttrippleMvideopic.jpg



Free Verse Subtracting Integers

Subtracting integers is a breeze
But now this, its kind of a tease
Add do not subtract
Subtracting is whack
But a myth, I'm quietly pleased

Free Verse Thee Rule of Multiplication

When you are starting an equation
Of course there will be a little multiplication
First thing is find which integer it is
Separate things if the equation disses
Combine the matching group
Make sure you don't poop
When the brackets do what they are doing
Don't be confused just do what you do, simply solving
Just multiply them. You sophisticated mammal
The rest is easy don't get that hasty you crazy animal

Haiku Quotative Division

The Key word is "in"
But how many things are in "in"
Just to the dang math

Tanka Partitive Division

Partitive is good
Just like quotative, but more
The key is the "equal groups"
Beware, can be an error

Picture Adding



Greater than the originalIncreased by how many thingsAnswer Can be a negative tooLevel uplarger more
da carlo script of video of life chapter two

BLUE Gilligan BLACK Micky
Who who, what is up everybody, who who
The fudge was that suppose to mean no one is here, douche bag.
who who, iunno, who who.
well that was freaken buttish

who who, well at least my character doesn't sound like a girl, who who.
ah, touche.

who who, so my name is Micky, who who.
And my name is..................
who who shut it no one in the universe can say your name even Albert Einstein !! So we call you Gilligan, who who.
son of a........
who who, Don't swear or i' ll bleep it out, who who.
that's it.
beep beep beep beep beep beep beep.
I hate you Micky heh heh.
who who, heh heh he you just got powned, who who.
shut it.
who who, you know that guy is staring at your legs, who who.
Yeah that guy didn't move for 7 hours.
who who, so what do you want you called me, who who.
Yeah I came to tell you that you suck, and theres a bomb.
who who, tell me where is the bomb,who who.
up your buttocks ,heh heh heh.
who who, no seriously, who who.
under that half naked guys chair
who, who, gotcha.
Now how do we detach it,
who who.iunno.who, who
I hate you Gilligan.
But hold a fudging seconds theres a freaken letter, who who
what does it says?
who who, it says.. Answer these baloney and the bomb will be defused.. Oh yeah there will be candy if you get the bomb, who who.
who who, i know we have do defuse it, who who.
screw that dirt, I mean the candy.
who who, your an idiot, who who.....
Okay the first question says N plus three minus five N plus twelve, who who.

ooh ooh i know what is it.. its 1,000,000 plus 4,000 N.
who who how the heck did you get that stupid answer, who who.
iunno wanna do something random.
who who, well that was stupid again.
Here let me solve it.. And quick I might catch stupid. Well put the same family of signs put together or what you call terms, so N and 5N with 4n and minus sign between it is now equal to 4N y'all and the other is 15 so the answer is 4N plus 15 am I right bomb,who who.
holy beep. its right. i think.
who who the next question says 2+ 4(3n +8), who who.
this time i'll be serious is the answer infinity.
who, who what are you, on a veal, who who now I have to explain it before the stupid catches on!!! So i'll start of with the brackets the number for is what you call touching the bracket impropriety so its multiplying so four has to do it with 3n and 8 so they equal 12n and 32then you add those to make 34 and then it equals 12n + 34... well isn't that right bomb..., who who well the bomb says close enough, then it says you don't get candy.. what.... no candy noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Well Gilligan tough cheese for you.. wait.. wait. im no suppose to say that. the stupid caught me. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


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external image DSC02866.JPG

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external image DSC02882.JPG


Great Big Bo0k Of Algebra



Social Studies

A Day in the Life Cro-Magnon

There was once a Cro-Magnon named Geek for his status in school he was a geek. Everybody called him two geeky. Well Geek was some kind of genius, he was the first one that made a ritual with music by just dancing people thought it was weird, but when the mayor thought about what geek was doing he made it official, it was the first religion that’s when Geek was a genius at the age of three. And then for his next experiment he rubbed two rocks two each other than made fire instead of rubbing sticks together but he wasn’t the only one two figure that out, some guy in the past did that. He made the fire for the animals to get roasted when the grown-ups went hunting and getting the animals to their family he was the only one do make fire, well the others they were too dumb to figure it out. While he was at cave school he graduated from school at the age of 7, after that he was promoted to join the “hunting of animals club.” After his promotion he went to his rock to sleep. At the morning Geek was sleeping in the ground for some reason, he stood up and everything was gone even the people were gone. As Geek searches for the people he only found one gray guy, a left wing about 7 feet high, and one left antenna. He noticed that the gray dude was dead and his belly was a dent going into his inner veins and vessels all of a sudden a tree falls and hit the dead dude and cracked him open. Geek noticed that he had no blood leftover. So he thought that something sucked it all up in one swoop. Then thought he cannot be scared because e was promoted to a man, a man of age 7.He tries to hunt for some mammoth, he spots one right now, he made a device called the spear, and it has a stick and a pointed rock on top. He sets a mammoth bate which is real mammoth meat for the mammoth, the mammoth eats it and Geek threw a spear at the mammoth, the mammoth dies, the heard got ticked out when Geek hurts their leader and chased him. Geek was running but this was part of his plans also. There was a harpoon trap with string tied on the stick, as soon when one of the heard touches the leaf all their eyes get popped out and so the mammoth touches it and yet the heard did then lastly Geeks new invention that was a sharp wide stone and stick so he calls it the axe. He chopped some trees but not fully cut and tied string on the trees so that they would fall when someone stepped on it. Then Geek placed super spiky spikes until the mammoth goes to the tree plan. The heard came with no eyes and feet hurt like heck because of the spikes went to the tree stepped on the trigger and died. After the mammoths got squashed he made their bloods out of wine for drinks and medical stuff. He made the bones of the mammoth structures for the house; he is building the fur going on top of the bones. For the meat he just saves it for food and medical devices for later. The day after the creation of the town he explored the town and saw a little odd cave, an insect like creature was eating Geek’s people, Geek had to do something so he got a bark from a tree and put the bark in front of the tree then made fire, he put that fire to the string of bark and exploded the cave then checked if there were any survivor but there wasn’t, then he cried like a baby because his tribe was eaten by the creators and the people that was still alive were blasted by the first time boHe remembers there was a girl on vacation and coming today so he stopped his crying. Geek was relief that he was not the only one that was alive. The woman comes and said on her own language “Where is everybody?” Geek replies “Their dead......” As he replies again “Hey I just graduated school and I’m a doctor and 24 years old.” as Geek lies to her very smartly. After a year the village was full of people that were 3 months old is now eight years old, and now the mayor of the village and a full time baby-sitter, and a doctor and a scientist and many others. That is when this day was the first guy that ever had a career. As Geek taught them how to make them fight when for their life when they start to hunt for food. There were more and food with their imagination. Now Geek was a very young man but was still eight. As for the woman she died at the age of 23 3 months ago when she was getting a baby problem out of her.

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umm......conopic jar h Picture_1576.jpg
umm.... timeline

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