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On my famous birthdays, I thought that on my first I did okay, and on my second, i did better than my first so I thought i improved a little bit.Then on my third one, I thought i sort of slacked a little bit, so I didn't do so good. I'll try better on my next one though.

This is the 3D visual of my Hockey report. For this assignment, we were assigned to pick a famous hockey player and write a report on them. I chose, Wayne Gretzky. After our hockey report, we were assigned to make 3D visuals. What I made was this hockey puck, and a hockey stick. We were also to put key points on our 3D visual. For this assignment, my group gave me a 241/2/25. They also left me comments on how I did, how i could improve it, and what they liked, and disliked.
Nikki Lopez : Very nice. I liked your hockey stick, and maybe you should put more information on it.
Nicky Dimelo : I like how you gave the hockey puck the Phoenix logo.
Linda Duch : I like the hockey puck, and the info because you presented it well!
John Achtemichuk : I like it, you're hot!
Joysielyn Dimayuga : Great effort! I like the hockey puck! very creative!
I think Ms. Lee gave me a 191/2/25, not the best mark, but I guess i deserve it. She also left me a very nice comment, saying : Good job Erika! A very creative puck! :)


Question One: Algebra Problem Solving


Question Two: Probability


Question Three: Pythagoras


Question Four: Measures of Central Tendency

1. Theoretical Probability: The ratio of favorable outcomes to the total possible outcomes. It's what should happen.
2. Experimental Probability: Ratio of favorable outcomes to the numbers of experiments.

Multiplicative Inverse: There are 4 easy steps to doing Multiplicative Inverse. First of all, you write the question using the division sign. Second, you switch the answer (N) and the first integer and change the division sign to a multiplication sign. Then you find the answer to N. And lastly, you fill in the question.


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