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Famous Birthday 1
Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Cohen was the youngest of three brothers. He was born in London England. He has a Jewish backround . His mom daniella worked as a school teacher, born from Israel. His dad Gerald Baron Cohen was originally from Wales.

Sacha as a kid went to a private school in esltree. The same school other Jewish Comedians Matt Lucus and Davide Baddiel graduated from, supperisingly sasha moved on to a school called crist’s collage. Some of his first two plays he was in were called cyrano de bergerac and fiddler on the roof that were at the collage.

The three biggest movies he played in are Ali G., Bruno and Borat. Ali G is about this want to be gangster that lives in the suburbs. Bruno is about a gay Austrain fashion show presenter who usually embarrasses the people he interviews. And Borat is about a news reporter from kazakstan who goes to the US. To doe whatever but when he is there falls in love and trys to find this girl he ends up marrying a prostitute.

Famous Birthday 2

Born on November 17 / 1960. RuPaul an actor, dance music singer, and song writter decided to be a women. He became famous in the 1990s and appered on the tv, in movies and music albums. Working mostly as a women, but ocationaly performed as a male in a number of movies. RuPaul was born in San Diego, California. His parents spit up when he was seven. He struggle as a musician and film maker in Atlanta in the 1980s.

He participated in underground cinima. Helping create the low budget starbooty and a album by the same name. Rupaul often performed at the celebrity club in Atlanta as a bar dancer or with his band the wee wee pole, which included Todd Butler. Like I said in the 1990s he became most famous playing all over and in several different New York night clubs.

In 2004, RuPaul released his third album, Rupaul red hot ,on his own RuCo Inc. It was played on some dance radio and in the clubs, but there was very little press. On his blog RuPaul said how he felt betrayed by the entertainment industry, mosty the gay press. In one incident, it was noted that the magazine Entertainment Weekly refused to review the album, instead asking him to make a comedic contribution to a fashion article. He likened the experience to a black person being invited to a party, but only if they'll serve. Despite his apparent dissatisfaction with the release, "RuPaul Red Hot" showed RuPaul returning to the top of the dance charts in the US with the lead off single Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous hitting number two on the dance chart. The second, Workout, at number five. The third People are People a duet with Tom Trujillo at number 10. Rupual had to face a lot of racisum and sexest people it seems like it was hard for him to become as famous as he is.


Our class read the short story, "The Hockey Sweater" by Roch Carriere. We learned about Canada's identity and about one of our national sports. Then we had to research a Canadian hockey player and create a three-D visual about that hockey player. I chose to research Joe Thornton.
Joe Thornton
Born on July 2 1979, Joe Thornton is center the Assistant Captain for the San Jose Sharks. He is one of the best players in the NHL. He played seven seasons with the Boston Bruins, before being traded to the San Jose Sharks. Having won the Art Ross Trophy and Hart Memorial Trophy, you can see how good he is. He plays a power forward style witch means he goes in the corners and isn't afraid to get hit to make plays. He also has very good passing abilities. He played in the OHL (Ontario hockey league) in his earlier years and was the rookie of the year. He was top scorer along with Marc Savard which is now the Boston Bruins Assistant Captain. He had and amazing 122 points in 56 games and 19 extra points in playoffs which was 11 games. After his second season in the OHL he was drafted first pick to the Boston Bruins, with another buddy Sergie Samsonov his first 56 games on Boston he only had seven points. Three seasons later he broke through with just over a hundred points. That same season he was voted to play in his very first all-star game When he was traded to the San Jose sharks for Marco strum, Wayne Primeau and Brad Stuwart which are great players. He had instant chemistry with winger Jonathan Cheechoo. Joe helped Cheechoo get a Rocket Richard Trophy for having 56 goals in a season.

I think Joe Thornton is a great leader and a role model i think he plays very well and I do the best I can to play like him.


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