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I think that the majority of my Famousbirthdays are very good, but i think one of the things i should stop doing is to not use the biggest font and large text.

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Mean,Medain and Mode


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Question 1 Probability Answers:
1) There are 18 possible trip plans
2) She has 6 possible train choices.
3) The probability that she will choose to got to Calgary on a plane and stay with a friend is 5.5%.


Theoretical probability is what should happen and experimental probability is what really happens.

2 Minutes to make a differance



The destruction of the rain forest The Rainforest's are a sanctuary of untouched beauty, a land were nature still runs free unburdened by the occupation of civilization. But these oasis's of beauty are being systematically destroyed for short term profit and greed. Logging company's destroy all of an areas trees, leaving the area behind barren and virtually unusable, while also selling it to a poor farmer who need a new plot every harvest. Even the the most brilliant plan that has been created to preserve the rainforest while also giving the owner of his land a renewable income has fallen on deaf ears, and if no one try's to fix the problem soon, the rain forest and every thing that it protected could be gone forever.
One of the horrible things that is happening is that be the extinction of many unique plants and animals that live. There specific habitats are being methodology destroyed leaving rare and intriguing species without a home. While this loss is horrible in its own right, some of the species that are being forced to the brink of extinction are still undiscovered, and scientists suspect that some of the rainforest's undiscovered plants can be used as medicine.
In my opinion, one of the worst things about the destruction of the rainforest is that the people who are destroying it (the poor land owners. the governments) are worse for it than when they started. The only one that profit from this argument are the lumber company's, because the people who sell the trees are only getting paid a small amount and they are ruining the striped land. The rainforest is situated on very poor soil, and the only reason that the land is usable for crops is that the death of old tree gives it some nutrients
Throughout this project i have learnt many things about the plight of the rainforest, things that have surprised and astonished me, because of there blatant disregarded of life. I have learnt that because of deforestation, humanity is losing so many valuable things that could have benefited it, and that it all could be fixed if someone work hard enough at getting everyone to agree on a solution. The rainforest's are one of the worlds greatest treasures, and were throwing them away.


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