Student Reflection

The two things that I have done well this year is Math and L.A.
The two subjects that I need to improve on is Science, and also Art.
My goal for the rest of the school year, is to get better in writing, and to study more for tests and quizzes, and also to participate more in class discussions, and group assignments.

Adult Response

Dear Jowella,
In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on: your hard work and all the efforts you made in doing your projects and homework. I am proud and happy to see your progress in your studies as well as in writing. Keep it up and work harder to achieve your goals. I know you have been doing your best in your studies. Remember that all of your hardwork and sacrifices will bear a fruit and that means success in whatever you want to achieve.
I know that Jowella is doing good, but I want Jowella to reach her goals.
I can help Jowella reach her goals by: Remember Jowella that I am always here, ready to help you and guide you. I always encourage you to study harder and don't be afraid to ask me, your mother, if you don't understand something in school or whatever you may need, I am always happy to lend a hand. Keep up the good work.
Reminding you to do all of your work all the time.

Language Arts

external image Drew-Barrymore.jpg
Julia Roberts
Aaron Carter
Self Evaluation:
I think that I did a good job on my report about Drew Barrymore. The two things that I didn't do a good job on, is my introduction and conclusion. I didn't make them strong enough, so I lost some marks for that. I did a good job on the details, and I feel like I shared important informations about her life and career. Next time I make a report ust like this, I know that I need to make both of my introduction and conclusion more stronger for the readers.
Self Evaluation:
I feel that I didn't do such a good job on this report about Julia Roberts, because my introduction was still not strong enough, and I got a lot of spelling mistakes. I finally got my conclusion strong enough for this report, but I still messed up on somethings, but next time, I'll try my best not to make any mistakes.
Self Evaluation:
I think that I did a pretty good job on this report about Aaron Carter, because the only mistake that I made was my introduction. My introduction was kind of strong enough, but one of my sentences in my introduction, didn't make that much sense. I think that this is my best famous birthday report, because I got a high mark for it, and I didn't make a lot of mistakes. Hopefully in my next report, It will be completely error free.
The Outsiders Newsletter
Click on the link below to go to letterpop, to see the newsletter.

Self Evaluation:
I think that I did very well on my newsletter, because I didn't make a lot of mistakes on it. I got a very high mark or it, and I'm very happy about it. I also feel good about my newsletter, because I put a lot of effort into making it.

hockey_report_3D_visual.jpgI'm sorry my evaluation is not here, it's because I couldn't find the paper.
My 3D visual is like a Hockey stadium. I added a rink inside, and I stuck pictures of hockey fans, to make it look a bit realistic. In side there is a hockey stick, a bucket with a bunch of pucks in it, and also a hockey player made in cardboard, to represent Wayne Gretzky.


Parent Quiz

Question 1 Probability
Question 2 Measures of Central Tendency
Question 3 Algebra Problem Solving
Question 4 Pythagoras


Parent Information


Measures of Central Tendency

Jowella's Measures of Central Tendency


Arrange the data in ascending order.
Add up all of the data, and divide the sum by how many set of data there are.
With an outlier the mean is a less "average".


Rules for Multiplying Integers(Free Verse)

If you want to do better in school
Just follow these rules
When you multiply integers remember not to get confused with the order of operation

Great Big Book Of Algebra

Jowella's Great Big Book Of Algebra

Adding Integers(Free Verse

On my way home
I think of a math poem
Addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication
Which will I choose as my inspiration




Social Studies

Alatangana Cartoon

Stonehenge Postcard
A Day In The Life Cro-Magnon Story

Map of Egypt

Introduction Test



Mesopotamia Unit Test




Canopic Jar Picture

Practical Arts