Student Reflection

1. Two things I did well this year are my science tests, and completing my homework.
2. Two things I need to improve are my math test marks and my famous birthday reports.
3. My goals for this year are to do well on all my tests and to do well in art.
4. My goals to be a better learner are not to talk when the teacher's talking and to listen to the teacher.

Adult Response

Dear Joysie,
In looking at your work I would like to compliment you on: On your organization skills and how much you have accomplished already throughout the year. I am greatly impressed with Integer poetry, I had no idea how creative and how well you expressed yourself. I too am pleased with you individual projects and group projects. Learning to work individually and to contributing your time to work with others.

I can help you reach your goals by: Becoming more involved in your assignment by letting me know in advance what has to be done and when projects are due.

Parent Quiz Answers

Question 1

a) 18
b) six
c) 1/8

Question 2:

a) range is 23.9
b) median is 22.01
c) 40.4 yes, because number out of range and will affect data

Question 3:

P= l+w+l+w
4w + 10 = 370
-10 -10 = 360

4w =360
4 4


Question 4:

a2+ b2= c2
(23)2 + (36)2= c2
529+ 1296= c2
1825= c2

square root of 1825 is 42.720

Language Arts

My Famous Birthday on
My Famous Birthday on
Mary J. Blige
external image teri_hatcher1_300_400.jpg
My Famous Birthday
on Teri Hatcher

I enjoyed doing my famous birthdays. It helped me learn more about the celebrities I know.
It also helped me learn about celebrities that I hardly know, so that I can get a chance to find out
who they are and learn more about them.
I think I can improve on my revising and editing, because I still usually have mistakes. I think I did
well on my report, and organizing my details.

external image Outsider-1.jpg

I really liked this project. It helped me learn about writing techniques and how to write them.
It also helped me think more about processes on writing and it helped me figure out how to
think more carefully and re-edit the things I say on my report.

My Hockey Project

external image 3382646602_46049a6ece.jpg?v=0

I really liked this project. It was fun and educational at the same time. I got to learn about
Eric Lindros and make an amusing project that I can keep forever to look back at when I'm
older, then I will remember what I did to make it and remember about it in the future.

Peer Evaluation

Group Evaluation by: Erika, Linda, Nikki, and Karen
Attractiveness: 5/5
Creativity: 4.5/5
Neatness: 5/5
Content/ Information: 4/5
Effort: 5/5
Total: 23.5/25

Karen: G'job! I like your picture frame!
Nikki: Good job, Joysie!! I really liked hot the frame is decorated with stuff you use for hockey.
Linda: The frame really made the info stand out. Great Job.
Erika: Great! Great! Great! I love it.


Parent Quiz

Question Number 1 - Probability


Question Number 2 - Measures of Central Tendency


Question number 3 - Algebra Problem Solving


Question Number 4 - Pythagoras


Parent Information

Measures of Central Tendency

external image MeasuresofCentralTendency.jpg


external image Integers.jpg

external image IntegerPoem.jpg

Great Big Book Of Algebra


Parent Quiz Answers



Parent Quiz

Social Studies


external image 204_0148Medium.jpgexternal image 204_0147.jpg

A Day In The Life Cro-Magnon


Map Of Egypt

external image 204_0145.jpg


external image zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-2.jpg

Photo Story Project

Two Tests

external image 204_0146.jpg external image Picture002.jpg

Ancient Rome- Technology Presentation

Practical Arts

Physical Education


I chose my Analogical Design Structures, Geometric Design, and my Still Life as the projects that I want to showcase.

I chose my Analogical Design Structures as one of my choices because I feel I did really well on this certain project. I took time and effort to make this project. this assignment was very challenging for me to complete. It took me a long time to draw and decide what to draw. This project took me a while to color it perfectly and draw it with precision.
Although, I think I could have done better, I think that this is my best work yet.

I chose my Geometrical design as one of my projects because I really enjoyed working on this project,although it was very challenging and difficult for me to decipher what I had to form. When, I finished the assignment, I felt proud that I actually accomplished my job. It took me a while to color it and make it perfect, but I feel it was worth it.
I think I could have done better on this however. I think that I could have colored the background, and put more detail into this. I feel that I should have drew the project on the other side of the paper because it would look neater.
Although I have to work more on this, I feel I did a great job.

I chose my Still Life because it was my very fist art project. I put much time into it. I really liked this project because it showed the things that I felt were important to me. For instance, I drew my cell phone because I felt that this was important to me. It one of the necessities of my life; I drew my glasses case because it held the most valuable thing I cannot live without, my glasses. For without them, I cannot see; I drew the TV remote because it operated my most needed thing in my life, my TV. Without the TV, I couldn't go to sleep at night.
I think that I could have done better on this assignment. I could have used more detail and put more effort into this, but I atill think I did an awesome job on this.

These are my favorite projects because I feel that I did very well on them.



Two Minutes to Make a Difference

Two Minutes to Make A Difference The Essay

external image TwoMintes.png

Two Minutes to Make A Difference Presentation

Pay- it- Forward