Student Reflection

2 things that I have done well this year are:
- writing entries for my writer's workshop.
- my whole Outsider's assignment including my duo tang with information, plot points and questions with response, and my newsletter.
2 areas that I need to improve are:
- using class time wisely.
- my writing.
My goals for the rest of the year are:
- no procrastinating.
- studying more for tests.
- doing better on scribe posts.
My goals for becoming a better learner are:
- to pay attention more during and classes.
- doing better on my assignments and projects.
- handing in all my assignments in time.

Adult Response

Dear Karen,

In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:
Essay writings and how organized you presented your work.

I can help you reach your goals by:
Reminding you to do your work all the time.

Language Arts

Famous Birthdays


Self Evaluation:
I think I did okay in this first
Famous Birthdays.
It was my first one and
after I was marked and
saw my mistakes, I
found out that next time
I should edit and revise
more because I made
lots of spelling and
grammar errors in this
one. I also found out
that I should organize
ideas, sentences,
information, and paragraphs

Scarlett Johansson

Self Evaluation:
I think I did alright on this one. I
improved and this one is much, much
better than my last one. I fixed all the
things that I had to fix and I tried
editing and revising this one more. I
think that this one is better than my
last one because the ideas, sentences
, information, and
paragraphs here are more organized
and that's an important part to creative

Lauren Conrad

Self Evaluation:
I think this one is not my best work for Famous
Birthdays. I know that by this time I should have
improved but to me it just seemed like it needs
some improvements and more things to be
added because this one is quite short compared
to my last one. I think I did pretty good on my

The Outsider's Newsletter

Self Evaluation

I think I did really well on my Outsider's newsletter. I put a lot of effort and I focused on making it really good. I am really proud of my work and I'm pretty content about the mark I got. It wasn't really fancy because I didn't use letterpop but it came out pretty good. I filled up the spaces needed and I did everything i was supposed to do.

The Hockey Sweater


Self Evaluation

I think that my Hockey Sweater essay is okay but not really great. I have lots of grammar errors and typos. I think I should have edited and revised more and the whole essay can be improved. I think that I did really well on my Hockey Sweater 3D Visual. I was creative and I took time trying to think what would represent Tim Horton. I had lots of information and all of it was big and clear. And it was presentable.

3D Visual of a Canadian Hockey Sweater Player Peer and Self Evaluation

Brief description of project: A shoe box painted blue with white stripes, Tim Horton's cup, Tim Horton's picture and whole box covered with information. It kind of looks like a diorama.
Group Evaluation by: Alyanna Lapuz, Alex Barringer, and Mark Marquez.

Attractiveness: 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Neatness: 5/5
Content/Information: 5/5
Effort: 5/5
TOTAL: 25/25

Alex's: It was very well! Great Job!
Alyanna's: Good Job! <3
Ms. Lee's: I agree! Thanks for all of your hard work! I'd love to keep it as a sample for next year (or at least a picture of it). Excellent work.


Parent Quiz

Question 1: Probability

Question 2: Measures of Central Tendency
Question 3: Algebra Problem Solving

Question 4: Pythagoras

Parent Information



Answer to Question 1: Probability

1.) How many possible choices of trip plans can she make?
-She can make 18 possible trip plans.
2.) How many possible choices if she travels by train?
-She can make 6 possible choices if she travels by train.
3.) What is the probability that she will choose to go to Calgary on a Train and stay with a friend?
-The probability that she will choose to go to Calgary on a train and stay with a friend is 1/18, or 5.5 % chance.

Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Theoretical Probability is the ratio of the favourable outcomes to the total outcomes. It is what should happen.
Experimental Probability is the ratio of the favourable outcomes to the total number of trials. The more you experiment the closer you get to theoretical.

Probability Test


Measures of Central Tendency





What is the multiplicative inverse?

Multiplicative Inverse is switching the numbers around when you're multiplying with integers.

Great Big Book of Algebra






My Voice thread:

Social Studies

The Legend of Osiris Cartoon


Personal History Timeline




A Day in the Life of Cro Magnon


Map of Egypt


Mummification Pamphlet


Canopic Jar


Photostory Project


Mesopotamia Unit Test


Egypt Unit test


Rome: Technology Presentation

My Presentation Notes


Parent Quiz

Practical Arts

Physical Education


Analogical Design Structure

I chose this art assignment because I really like it. I think it's nice and creative. I also think it's colorful and detailed. I thought of lots of ideas for this and I have lots of drafts and ideas drawn on my folder.

Geometric Design

I chose this art assignment because it looks neat and creative. I like the color and design of this assignment. It looks nice to me even if it doesn't have that much color and it doesn't look simple.

Creative Cube

I chose this art assignment because it looks really nice. I put a lot of creativity and thought of lots of ideas. It was hard for me to think of ideas on how to look a pencil design good and original.

Pictures of my assignments: