Student Reflection

1. Two things I have done well this year are completing my Famous Birthdays on time and my science tests (except for one).
2. Two areas I need to improve on are staying focus for the whole class and completing my math homework.
3. My goals for the rest of the year are to stay focus, study more and finish work on time.
4. My goal for becoming a better learner is to ask help when I'm unsure of something.

Language Arts

Famous Birthdays
For my first Famous Birthday
report, I chose Zac Efron.
For my November and December report,
I chose Britney Spears.
[[image:file/view/ellen_degeneres width="174" height="207" link=""]]
For my January and February report,
I chose Ellen DeGeneres.

Reflection on Famous Birthdays
I think I improved on my famous birthdays because I was clueless on what to do at first. I didn't know if I should put this or that. As we progressed into our second famous birthday, I was getting a bit better. I don't consider myself as an intelligent writer but I thought my third famous birthday was the best so far. The area I think I do well on is my concluding paragraph. I think that's the area I do well on because I feel like I express myself. I think Proxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 e area I could improve on is my introduction paragraphs. I honestly think my opening sentences are good, but the rest aren't so... clever and it sounds really boring. I plan to improve my introduction paragraphs by making it sound more alive so the readers would want to read my entire report.

Outsiders Newsletter

Hockey Player 3D Visual

Hockey Sweater Assignment
We started the Hockey Sweater assignment with an ELA Web. We listed a bunch of things that were related to hockey. After that, we were given a booklet that was actually a story called "The Hockey Sweater" by Roch Carrier. It was about a boy and his friends from Montreal who was a big fan of Maurice Richard. One day, his Montreal Canadiens sweater was too small for him and it ripped. He asked his mom to buy him a new sweater but when he recieved the sweater, it was the wrong one. It was the Toronto Maple Leafs sweater instead the Montreal Canadiens sweater. The boy was upset, but his mom convinced him to wear it. When he arrived at the hockey rink, all of his teammates stared at him like he was a traitor. The boy thought it was prejudice.
After reading the story, we were assigned to do a report on a Canadian hockey player of our choice. I chose Jacques Plante. The following week, Ms. Lee also assigned us to do a 3D visual that represented hockey and our hockey player.

Group Evaluation on my 3D Visual (bold type=teacher's mark):
Attractiveness 4/5 4/5
Creativity 4/5 4/5
Neatness 3/5 4/5
Content/Information 5/5 4/5
Effor 5/5 5/5
Total: 21/25 21/25

Tammra - It was cool. I liked your little hockey players, good presentation.
Vincent - Very good, better than mine even though you did it in one day.
Jowella - I thnk you did a good job, and you information is good.
Sharmayne - Good job, essers! Ha, paint job was really good. (=
Josh - Good job, but it could've been neater.


Parent Quiz



Parent Information

Measures of Central Tendency




1) How many possible trip plans can she make?
Billy can make 18 trip plans. To get 18, you multiply all the data; the places she can go to (3), how she can travel there (3) and where she can stay (2). 3x3=9. 9x2=18.
2) How many possible choices are there if she travels by train?
There are 6 possible choices Billy can travel by train. There are 3 places she can use the train (Regina, Calgary, Vancouver) on the diagram, and then there's an additional 3 because she can take a train to each place.
3)What is the possibility that she will choose to go to Calagary on a train and stay with a friend?

Expirimental Probability - ratio of favourable outcomes (FO's) to the number of experiments. It is what actually happens when you experiment.
Theoretical Probability - ratio of favourable outcomes to the number of total possible outcomes (TPO's). It is what is expected to happen.


What is the multiplicative inverse? It is when you switch the numbers around when you are multiplying integers.


Great Big Book Of Algebra




Parent Quiz

Social Studies

Roman Trade Presentation

Legend of Osiris Cartoon

100_0023.jpg 100_0024.jpg

Stonehenge Postcard


Map of Egypt


An African View of the Origin of Life

100_0003.jpg 100_0004.jpg

My Personal Time Line



Still Life

This is my still life drawing. We had to pick objects that represented us and our lives. I chose this for my Eportfolio because I was able to express who I am by drawing. The keyboard represents a computer, which I'm always using in my free time. The phone expresses the circumstance that I love to talk and text. The wind chime is a reminder of my grandparents; it was their anniversary giveaway. The cross keychain shows my belief and love for God. The volleyball also shows that I love to play volleyball. Last but not least, the Sargent Park Honour Roll pin. That represents the fact that education is one of my first priorities.

Creative Cube

This is my creative cube. We were assigned to pick an object and we had to draw the object in 6 versions; the original and 5 other points of view. I chose the Creative Cube for my Eportfolio because I thought it was very colourful. It also stood out comparing to my other art work.

Folded Paper Drawing


This is my folded paper drawing. During art class, we were given to thin strips of paper. We had to make a 'random' shape of some kind. That part was kind of difficult because it wouldn't stay. I chose this piece for my Eportfolio because I thought it was one of the best drawings I've done in class. I also thought it was a really simple task to do and that its outcome reached my expectations.