Student Reflection

Two things that I have done well this year are:
-Things for Language Arts like my homework,particiating,and ect...
-Doing my best to finish my homework and to participate(tried to..failed many times...) in class discussions...
Two areas that I need to improve are:
-Doing homework in the other subjects(I have been getting lazy these days.... -_-)
- Getting the courage to raise my hand up to answer a question I know
My goals for the rest of the year are to improve French and Music. I want to improve my other sujects as well(But latly I have been getting lazier...)
I want to try and get perfect scores on tests starting with the science and french test today. I want to do better in my exams the the rest of the tearms.My real goal for this year is to get an average of 90%! I Really hope i can do it!
My goals for beocoming a better learner are studing everyday...if not study once a week. Reveiw things before a test, and study a day before a test not the day of the test(that's what I do..somethings I don't even study...)

Adult Response

In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:
good job kim, specially the blood diamond project .

I can help you reach your goals by:
giving all the support you need

Please add your Social presentation to your Social Studies Section.

2 Minutes to make a Difference


Language Arts

Letter Pop:


Famous Birthdays:

September-October:Roald Dahl November-December:BoA Kwon January-February:Nana Mizuki

September-October:Roald Dalh:
This was my first famous birthday report that I did. I didn't get the mark that I was hoping for. I got a lot of 5's in the rubric marking. One mistake I did was my conclusion. My Introduction was good but then I didn't really put an appropriate conclusion at the end. Also I didn't really proof edited my work and that made me lose marks.

November-December:BoA Kwon:
This one was ended up the same as my first one except that my ideas wasn't that good as my first one and that my editing was better. I did a little better because from my previous one I made sure that I had a good conclusion.

January-February: Nana Mizuki:
Yay! Finally, I made an improvement! This report was the best so far. I was happy that mark got higher instead of being the same...It made me happy to know that I was improving...even though in a slow pace. I always tell myself this but i need to improve my grammar and my vocabulary!

3D Visual of a Canadian Hockey Player:
This project was about a Canadian Hockey player that we had researched that ties in with our unit about the Hockey Sweater. After we did a group evaluation, then the teacher gave us a mark.

Group Evaluated:Liem,Camille,Avery,and Giselle
Teacher Evaluation:
Attractiveness: 5
Attractiveness: 5
Creativity: 5
Creativity: 5
Neatness: 5
Neatness: 5
Content/information: 5
Content/information: 4 1/2
Effort: 5
Effort: 5
Total: 25
Total: 24 1/2


Comments from Group/teacher:

Ms.Lee: Excellent work, Kim. I like that you made your puck very original!
Camille: I really liked your creative project of art! Keep up the creative spirit!
Giselle: Very nice! I like how you make the net because it looks like it was bought! Good pieces of information!

It was hard work making this project. It took me 3 tries to make the net! The first time I made the net, my little brother tore it apart! He said that he was "helping me." I was pretty proud of myself that it turned out the way I wanted it to. I had problems putting on information in it because it was so small( I lost marks there....) But them I put some on the bottom but I don't think that...It wasn't a good idea because who would look at the bottom???


Parent Quiz

Question 1: Probability

Question 2: Measures of Central Tendency


Question 3: Algebra Problem Solving


Question 4:Pythagoras

Parent Information



What is the difference between Theoretical and Experimental Probability?
The difference is that Experimental Probability does experiments to find out the probability of something while Theoretical Probability uses information that they already have to come up with a logic guess.

Measures Of Central Tendency




Great Big Book Of Algebra






Social Studies

Practical Arts





Finish the Picture
There were four incomplete figures we had to finish it by drawing a picture that nobody would think of. For the first one I drew a person pretending to be Santa, then the next one i drew a house and a car. Then I next one I drew a Canadian flag. The last one was a picture of the moon. I picked this one because it showed how I felt. It was snowing at that time and I felt like drawing pictures that relate to snow...which was a winter theme.

Asymmetric Drawing
This one was an interesting piece. I had fun doing this one, too. Maybe that's why I chose it for my E-portfolio...I forgot what I had to do for this one but I remember that you had to fill all the spaces and have an even amount of negative spaces and positive spaces. I also remember that I had to make the shape go out of the page and then go back in. It was confusing at first but I manage to do it right...

Spiral Shards
For this art project, we had to cut out two interesting pictures that were opposite to each other. Then draw them to make them connected to each other, somehow...Then after we done that we had to describe the pictures we cut out.(image 1 and image 2) I chose this art drawing because it showed my creativity and imagination. I also chose this because I had fun drawing it!